autumn leaves 002【コロナウィルス真犯人推理と英国系ディープステート】 – scoopにゅ〜す 20210313

at this time, the ending song of this news wire (the way of the scoop) is a very quite nice. it is autumn leaves. so I choose this song for unbelievable extreme beginner bass players slappers. but I think that this song is difficult to transform to bossa like song from the original song. but you cannot play a song if you cannot get a good feeling from it.

from original comment:
I chose this song at this time. because I thought that I wanted something to play in a bossa nova like sound. despite this song is a typical jazz song, I could change the rhythm somehow. to play the song with fun, bossa nova like sound is the best for many people in my opinion. but actual bossa is very difficult, it’s not 4/4. so bossa like sound it is.

※ 動画中の「日本の闇」について(「scoopにゅ〜す ハイライト」からの抜粋)

scoopにゅ〜す ハイライト

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