Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and the “deep state” | UK politics | New Statesman

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have both evoked the “deep state” to distract from their own “failure”.

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In one of Boris Johnson’s final addresses to the House of Commons as Prime Minister, he accused Keir Starmer of working in secret with “the deep state” to pull the UK back into the EU.

The “deep state” conspiracy theory burst into the mainstream of western politics when former US President Donald Trump began to openly espouse it at his rallies.

As Jonn Elledge, New Statesman writer and author of ‘Conspiracy’ points out in the video above, Donald Trump’s staff “were now in some of the most powerful jobs in American politics, and they discovered that even despite that they still couldn’t make the American political system do exactly what they wanted.”

The “deep state” is not the only conspiracy theory that Boris Johnson has referenced, during the partygate scandal, he accused Keir Starmer of having failed to “prosecute Jimmy Savile” while he was Director of Public Prosecutions.

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