Canada’s ‘True’ Queen is a QAnon Influencer

Although a fringe figure, Romana Didulo, a woman who has declared herself the Queen of Canada, has amassed tens of thousands of followers on Telegram. Preaching a mixture of QAnon and sovereign citizen beliefs, she claims she’s fighting a secret, all-powerful cabal of pedophiles that controls both the US and Canadian governments. She also subscribes to a number of bogus, arcane legal theories that say her followers have immunity from existing laws, and that all current governments are secretly illegitimate. Members of her following have described abuse inside the group, including their leader threatening to execute them.

The Internet has ushered in an era of information overload, but it comes at a cost and ‘the truth’ is more subjective and contested than ever before. In ‘Alternate Reality’, we examine corners of the internet where conspiracy theories about the world have started to have a real impact on society.

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