Conversation with Edward Snowden on how to reboot the world #CPDE 2020

Edwards Snowden, Whistleblower & Cybersecurity Expert, will walk us through the limitations and opportunities in rebooting the world after a pandemic in an era of mass surveillance.

Snowden is a former CIA officer and National Security Agency (NSA) who shocked the world in 2013 when he revealed that the U.S. government was pursuing an unprecedented system of mass surveillance. As one of the world’s most passionate and authoritative voices on privacy and cybersecurity, Snowden continues to warn us of the growing threats of our digital age.

• Mass Surveillance, Secrecy & Democracy: When Data Collection Becomes a Threat to Free Societies
• Restoring Trust: How To Solve The Next Generation of Privacy & Security Dilemmas
• National Security Agency or National Surveillance Agency: Our Cyber Defenses

Campus Party Digital Edition: the first global and fully digital event of Campus Party in 31 countries around the world based on a key theme: “Reboot The World”.
Three 24-hour days (July 9-11, 2020) of free live and on-demand talks, 1 Global Main with more than 50 keynote speakers and 5 topical stages in each country, 150+ live streams and more than 2,000 speakers of 120 nationalities. A Job Factory and Call for Ideas on a global scale. The event helped to raise money for Médecins sans Frontières and its Covid-19 Crisis Fund.

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