Crazy (A Love Song for Edward Snowden)

I wrote this for someone very close to me

Their name was “Edward Snowden”
Some people claim women make them insane, that all of a sudden they start doing crazy things
Like staying up all night with their heart beatin’ fast
Or texting as long as their phone battery lasts
But babe, you have twice that effect on me
Cause you my darling make me truly crazy

I remember the first time you texted me,
You said “hey,” and I said
Nothing for three weeks
Cause, that’s how you do it?

Yeah baby you make me crazy
You make me want to run outside babbling till the police taze me

And babe I see
You drive me to insanity
You make me want to scratch of all my skin
And pose as a tree

In the middle of a forest
Cause my love is the rawest
That you ever could see

Oh baybay
You make me cray-zay
You make me want to watch you like the NSA

And I miss you so
Like Edward Snow-den
Misses his home sweet home

Bring Edward Snowden back
His acts were not an attack
His acts were patriotic
Emphasis on the erotic

I’m not gay I just hate the NSA

Bring Edward Snowden ba-a-ack
Bring Edward Snowedn ba-a-ack
Bring Edward Snowden baaaa-baaaa, that’s my impression of all of you,
You sheeple. Stay woke.

Babe you’re my only desire
Babe you set my world on fire
Like, you’re on fire and I’m on fire and

Now we’re both hot
Unlike Edward Snowden, he’s in Russia
It’s cold there, he’s Snowed In

Bring Edward Snowden back