Deep state ‘colluded’ with media on Hunter Biden laptop story

Author Steve Krakauer believes the Hunter Biden laptop story is “emblematic” of all the problems people have had with the media.

He said it started with Donald Trump’s presidential win in 2016, which “shocked the media system”.

“It continued more into what we have seen since then … which was this kind of anti-speech activism in the press,” Mr Krakauer told Sky News host James Morrow.

“We saw it with COVID, we saw it with the laptop, this idea that this sort of information is too toxic to even get into, it’s potential misinformation to disinformation, so we need to keep it from the public’s eyes.

“And we saw that in the way the tech platforms worked with the intel agencies here in America to have this sort of collusion to sort of suppress and silence it, but then the media joined in as well because they refused to call out these tech platforms that censored the New York Post, that made it you can’t share this link.”