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In Mali, four US Special Forces and their translator, Aicha Konate, are supposedly killed in an ambush. This delays a procurement deal in Washington with the Malian government, off which the deep state is set to profit significantly. They send in their operative, Nathan Miller, a man torn between family and duty, to fix the situation. However, when a Republican Senator, Meaghan Sullivan, catches wind of a cover-up after digging into the deaths, matters are complicated further.

Harry and Leyla, now out of the game, are compelled to get involved after Leyla receives a cry for help from Aicha (who they believed was dead) and must do everything in their power to stop the insidious advancement of the malignant network that is known as the deep state.

Delve deeper into the murky and political world of the deep state. After an unsuccessful operation in the Middle East, the deep state are now turning their attention to sub-Saharan Africa and the scramble to plunder its natural resources. This is the first dirty war over clean energy.

The series will also explore the origin stories of some of our favourite characters from season one; including Joe Dempsie from Game Of Thrones as Harry Clarke. Accompanying them is a range of new characters led by Emmy-nominated actor Walton Goggins from Ant Man & The Wasp playing a fixer for the deep state who faces some tough personal choices. Victoria Hamilton also joins as a U.S. senator determined to expose the truth.

Nathan Miller [Walton Goggins: Justified, The Hateful Eight] – Miller now works in the private sector as a ‘Michael Clayton’-like fixer for the deep state. Morally compromised. Deeply flawed. He started out on this path believing he was doing the right thing – protecting his country. Now he is not so sure.

Harry Clarke [Joe Dempsie: Skins, Game Of Thrones] – After Tehran, and the failure of his father to do the right thing, he retreated into himself. Abandoned by Leyla, he fled to Mali to work in private security. He is adrift, alone and without faith.

Leyla Toumi [Karima McAdams: Frontier Blues, Fearless] – She has left The Section and now works in a faceless consulting job but hates it. She misses the thrill and would do anything to get it back.

George White [Alistair Petrie: Rogue One, Victor Frankenstein] – White is chief of The Section. He is old-school MI6. A chess player’s mind, a man used to reading shadows and silences. He is cynical about the world in which he operates but still has some belief in the idea of ‘country’. He has yet to be turned toward the deep state but the seeds are there.