Edward Snowden Just Announced A CHILLING Message That Wasn’t Supposed To Become Public

Former US security contractor Edward Snowden, who made headlines in 2013 by leaking highly sensitive information from the country’s National Security Agency (NSA), has been awarded Russian citizenship. The 39-year-old whistleblower revealed classified information on top-secret NSA programs, including the PRISM surveillance program, with The Guardian and The Washington Post, which both published their first exposés in early June 2013, while he was still an employee and subcontractor of the agency. Snowden’s leak of thousands of documents triggered lengthy and heated arguments about the balance between national security and individual privacy, earning him both acclaim and charges of treason. In this video, we explore the latest terrifying leaked file that has shocked the entire world!
The Guardian published the first leak in June 2013, based on top-secret information stolen from the National Security Agency by then-29-year-old Edward Snowden. Snowden was working as an intelligence contractor for Booz Allen Hamilton in Hawaii at the time. That would very certainly not be the last leak. Journalists have released around 7,000 top-secret documents that Snowden entrusted them with in the years since, which some say is less than 1% of the overall database.
Snowden was born in the US state of North Carolina on June 21, 1983. Between 1999 and 2005, he dropped out of high school and attended a community college on an irregular basis. Snowden joined the Army Reserve as a Special Forces candidate in 2004 but was discharged the following year. He served as a security guard at the Center for the Advanced Study of Language, a University of Maryland research center associated with the National Security Agency, in 2005. He was hired by the CIA in 2006 after demonstrating his ability with computers without formal education. Snowden left the CIA in 2009 to join the NSA, where he worked as a private contractor for Dell and Booz Allen Hamilton. He started accumulating information on various NSA activities, including classified surveillance program. He travelled to Hong Kong in 2013, right before his leak became known, after obtaining medical leave.