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What Does The Future Of Religion Look Like? http://testu.be/1LjoQRY
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Atheism is becoming increasingly more popular, and some people turning away from religion are using the Flying Spaghetti Monster to express their beliefs. So how did the Flying Spaghetti Monster become a symbol of religious satire?

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Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
“With millions, if not thousands, of devout worshipers, the Church of the FSM is widely considered a legitimate religion, even by its opponents – mostly fundamentalist Christians, who have accepted that our God has larger balls than theirs.”

Pastafarians rejoice as Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is granted permission to register as a religion in Poland
“A church that worships an invisible flying spaghetti monster can now apply to be registered as an official religion in Poland, after a 2013 court ruling was overturned on Tuesday.”

A closer look at America’s rapidly growing religious ‘nones’
“Religiously unaffiliated people have been growing as a share of all Americans for some time.”

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