Family of Julian Assange speaks out after UK approves extradition of WikiLeaks founder to the US

The British government on Friday ordered the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the United States to face spying charges – a milestone, but not the end of the decade-long legal saga.

Home Secretary Priti Patel signed the order authorizing Assange’s extradition to the U.S., where he faces charges over WikiLeaks’ publication of a huge trove of classified documents.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Richard Assange, the father of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, as well as his brother Gabriel Shipton decried what they characterized as an attack on journalistic freedoms everywhere.

The wife of Julian Assange said on Friday said the Wikileaks founder had “prepared for the worst” while awaiting a decision by British Home Secretary Priti Patel on his extradition to the United States to face criminal charges. Patel gave the go-ahead for the extradition on Friday but Wikileaks and his wife, Stella Assange, said he would appeal the decision.

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