India’s Deep State | The Media Rumble 2021

In this session at The Media Rumble, 2021, titled “India’s #DeepState”, Dhanya Rajendran, the co-founder and editor in chief of The News Minute, spoke to #JosyJoseph, author of “The #SilentCoup” and former national security editor at The Hindu, on the pervasiveness of India’s deep state in the lives of its citizens.

Josy talked about how the situation is worsening with the National Investigation Agency, set up to deal with terror threats but which has laid down biases in apparent ways. Dhanya and Josy also talked about how fake narratives have led to the incarceration of people who were not even involved in attacks.

0:00 to 2:00 – Introduction
2:00 to 3:29 – Rationale behind making the book in two parts
3:29 to 7:00 – Has the system changed after the Bombay attacks?
7:00 to 9:03 – Loose auditing of India’s system
9:03 to 19:55 – Creating fake narratives by security agencies
19:55 to 26:40 – Truth as a foundation of democracy
26:40 to 31:05 – Impact of the 1970s on the system
31:05 to 36:00 – Manmohan Singh era
36:00 to 43:00 – Co Opting the system at a national level
43:00 to 52:11 – Audience Q&A

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