Lin Wood Suggests The Deep State Is Making His Kids Not Talk To Him

Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood apparently doesn’t speak to his children, but he doesn’t believe that it has anything to do with his conspiracy-pushing tendencies. Instead, Wood sees a conspiracy there, too, and suggested over the weekend that the Deep State could be threatening or intimidating his children into ignoring their father in order to somehow punish Wood. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what is likely happening in the Wood family.

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Trump loving lawyer Lin Wood is not having a very good year. In addition to, you know, getting punished by the court systems and facing other lawsuits against him, investigations into whether or not he’s even mentally competent to retain his law license, apparently on top of all of that, he’s having troubles at home, too. His kids, as he tells us, aren’t talking to him. Now, back during father’s day, Lin Wood first mentioned the fact that his kids want nothing to do with him and he said, this is what he said. I will reverse roles and give them a gift, which in time they will cherish for the rest of their lives. My gift to them is my renewed commitment to fight the enemies of freedom so that my children and their children and generations of children to come will breathe the fresh air of Liberty. Well, okay. He seemed okay with it back then. He’s like, listen, I understand you don’t wanna talk to me. I’m gonna keep fighting for you because you need Liberty air. Over Christmas though, I guess Wood got a little more depressed.

So he issued this statement last week. Is it possible that scumbag operatives in the deep state might be threatening, even blackmailing the father’s children then using the forced alienation from his children to attack the father? The deep state will stop at nothing to destroy it’s enemy. Yeah. Okay. All right. Okay. So the deep state, right? The people capable of going out there overthrowing foreign governments overnight, installing handpicked leaders here from the United States, sponsoring coups in other country, destroying their elections, rigging them for our benefit, doing the same thing here in the United States, planting evidence that make it look like Donald Trump and Russia were really, you know, right there like that. That’s the deep state. That’s what all these people tell us. In addition to doing that, to destabilizing the rest of the planet, they also decided to take a little time in their sinister meetings to be like, hey, you know, Lin Wood. Okay. Well he’s a pro-Trump lawyer. Anyway, anyway, anyway. Wouldn’t it be really cool if we just got his kids to hate him? Yeah. Right guys?

That totally had to have happened, Lin. Like no doubt in my mind at their little weekly, monthly, I don’t know how often the deep state holds their little meetings, um, somebody totally spent enough time talking about you and how to just ruin your personal life, which would have no bearing whatsoever on anything you’re trying to do. But yeah, it’s all about you, isn’t it? And at the end of the day folks, that’s what a lot of these conspiracy theories are really about. It’s about the self-absorbed and paranoid of course, nature of these individuals that think the world is out to get them because the world revolves around them. Everybody out there every day is constantly thinking about them and how we can screw them over. Lin Wood, I firmly believe, would benefit from, you know, many, many hours on a psychiatrist couch and maybe, maybe if he did that, maybe he could learn how to talk to his kids again. Maybe heal those relationships. But instead he’d chooses to go down the conspiracy path and say, well, if my kids don’t like me clearly it’s because the deep state got to them because the deep state had nothing better to do that week, I assume.