Marjorie Greene Peddles Mind Blowing QAnon Conspiracy

Marjorie Greene is now pushing a whacked-out conspiracy on Twitter about climate change and our food supply also pushed by QAnon supporters. and Francesca Fiorentini and Erin Ryan break it down on The Damage Report.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene sums up the GOP’s cognitive dissonance on climate change in a single tweet –

“The consequences of anthropomorphic climate change, due to the carbon dioxide and methane waste produced by humanity’s relentless burning of fossil fuels, are becoming more pronounced with each passing year. Record heat waves, extreme cold, prolonged droughts, powerful storms, torrential precipitation, crop failures, wildfires, melting ice caps, sea-level rise, and biodiversity loss are all symptoms of modern civilization’s seemingly unbreakable addiction to oil. The data, according to the planet’s scientists, is as irrefutable as the most successful scientific theories like the Standard Model of Particle Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

That conclusion is not limited to academia, however. Last year, the office of the Director of National Intelligence published a 27-page report outlining in no uncertain terms the risks that climate change poses to the security of the United States and beyond.

“We assess that climate change will increasingly exacerbate risks to US national security interests as the physical impacts increase and geopolitical tensions mount about how to respond to the challenge,” the document’s opening brief states.”

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