Marjorie Taylor Greene Tries To Pretend She Doesn’t Believe The Crazy Things She Says

During an appearance on Fox News this past weekend, Marjorie Taylor Greene was asked about some of the Q-related things that she had said that led to her being kicked off her committees during her first term. Greene tried to dismiss her behavior, claiming that she had been “sucked into” a lot of things on the internet just like so many other people. That may be true, but she’s also shown no signs of openly disavowing any of the groups or conspiracies that she has embraced, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.

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In an interview with Fox News over this past weekend, Marjorie Taylor Greene announced that she was done, just totally done with all of that Q nonsense. You know, it’s, it is just weird to begin with. Anyway, I don’t know why I believe that. I guess I just got sucked into stuff on the internet. Like so many people. She said, so before I continue, here is the clip. This is Marjorie Taylor Green telling us that she is done with all of that craziness that basically has defined her entire congressional career. Take a look.

Yeah. And, but just, just to deal with one bit of history. The Democrats stripped you of your community assignments after you elected that, that was raw politics. Mm-hmm. But in fairness, didn’t you also say around that period that you had been a follower of qan non conspiracy theories, and you had rethought this and you were no longer, uh, influenced by the group?

Well, like a lot of people today, I had easily gotten sucked into some things I’d seen on the internet. Um, but that was dealt with quickly early on. I never campaigned on those things. That was not something I believed in. That’s not what I ran for Congress on. So those are so far in the past. All right. Um,

So you just believed anything that you saw on the internet, right? Doesn’t matter where it was, doesn’t matter if it wasn’t a reputable source, if you saw it on Facebook, if you saw it in a meme, saw it on these weird pro-Trump message boards, you’re just like, oh, I guess that’s the truth. So you’re admitting that you were unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality? Yes. Those are exactly the traits that we want for our elected officials in Washington dc Right. Folks, somebody who cannot tell fiction from reality. We’re, we’re kind of screwed as a country, I think at this point, right? But here’s the other point. Marjorie Taylor Greene is not done with the Q people. She is not done with the conspiracy theorist. Hell, she’s probably not even done with the white supremacist that she’s piled around with for years. This is who she is, right?

A leopard cannot change their spots. She is going to continue with all of this, but what she’s trying to do is rebrand herself. Can we at least acknowledge that? We know she’s not done with that? And can we all also acknowledge that it’s very transparent what she is doing? This is the woman who talked about Jewish space lasers. This is the individual who suggested that the Clinton somehow killed JFK Jr. Never really gave us an explanation as to why. I mean, I, I can’t imagine those two families, uh, uh, having beef. But that’s what she’s said. This is the individual who has spread non-stop covid misinformation, vaccine misinformation. It’s a woman who once stopped in the middle of a workout to record a video saying, Joe Biden, you’re a piece of. Like, that’s still who you are, Marjorie. You haven’t changed a bit. So you can go on Fox News and you can try to pretend like, oh, all, all of that’s behind me.

That was totally a different person. I don’t believe the crazy things anymore. But you still do, cuz you still push the crazy nonsense in your speeches. You do it on social media. This is who you are and it’s disgusting how Fox News didn’t actually push back on any of that crap because you have not given it up.