QAnon Documentary Is Next Level MADNESS

A new QAnon documentary, Watch the Water, promotes a truly unhinged conspiracy theory mixing snake venom, magnetic beads, satan’s DNA and Covid vaccines. John Iadarola and Yasmin Khan break it down on The Damage Report.

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A Batsh*t New QAnon Documentary Warns That COVID Vaccines Transfer ‘Satan’s DNA’ Into Your Body –

“Wherever QAnon goes, Batsh*t is right there alongside him. But even by wacky conspiracy theory standards (Trump-JFK Jr. 2024, anyone?), a new documentary called Watch the Water is jaw-droppingly insane. Or, as NBC News senior reporter Ben Collins describes it: “It is even more insane than usual.”

Among the many claims made in the documentary, according to Raw Story, are that the COVID “vaccines contain a mixture of magnets and snake venom with the goal of transferring ‘Satan’s DNA’ into human bodies.””


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