QAnon expert Mike Rothschild on the imminent danger of conspiracy theorists in power and ‘QAMoms’

Mike Rothschild is the author of The Storm is Upon Us, a superb book looking at QAnon and its disconcerting rise in popularity across the US and the world. The book is available everywhere and should buy it.

You can also follow Mike on twitter at @rothchildmd

O.00 – Intro
4.00 – Michael Flynn 
4.35 – QAnon at Trump rallies 
6.40 – QAmoms who were into wellness 
8.20 – Q doesn’t have a leader, so there’s no one to blame 
10.17 – 17% of Americans believe in QAnon 
11.20 – Majorie Taylor Greene and believers in Government 
13.00 – Stolen election is a gateway to conspiracy theories 
14.00 – Conspiracy theorists embraced by the right 
16.05 – Alex Jones disavowing Q
17.30 – QAnon believers who went into the capital building 
19.00 – How it can lead to violence 
20.00 – Has anyone ever come back?
21.21 – Human desire to not feel like a fool 
22.14 – The media Mocking Trump supporters 
23.20 – It’s going to keep escalating 
24.40 – How the media should cover QAnon