QAnon Group Harasses March For Our Lives Protestors, Claims Uvalde Was An ‘Act’

A JFK QAnon group harassed March For Our Lives participants in Texas and alleged their usual crazy theories centered around Donald Trump being reinstated as president. Dr. Rashad Richey and Adrienne Lawrence discuss on Indisputable. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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“Members of the JFK QAnon group harassed March For Our Lives participants in downtown Dallas Saturday, shouting at them that the mass shooting in Uvalde on May 24—in which a gunman killed 19 elementary-school-aged children and two teachers—was orchestrated by the federal government.

Members of the group gathered at Dealey Plaza Saturday after their leader, Michael Protzman, predicted earlier that week that JFK would reappear there that day to reinstate Donald Trump as president and begin executions of the alleged global cabal of pedophilic, blood-drinking liberal elites Protzman claims runs the world.”


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