QAnon Supporters Go Too Far, Embraced In Fatal Senate Mistake

The QAnon community has officially infiltrated the Senate in Arizona and is hosting official investigation hearings into public health officials over the legitimacy in Covid responses. John Iadarola and Brett Erlich break it down on The Damage Report.

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Arizona Republicans Embrace QAnon With Quack Covid Hearing

“Arizona Republicans are hosting a two-day, QAnon-inflected, anti-vaccine circus at the statehouse — focused on supposed “atrocities” committed by public health officials in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The hearings, which began this morning, are organized by a new state Senate body, the Novel Coronavirus South Western Intergovernmental Committee. The committee’s chosen acronym — NCSWIC, which has been plastered on posters promoting the hearings — offers unusual cross-branding. It shares the abbreviation of an infamous QAnon catchphrase, “Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.”

QAnon is a dark, catch-all conspiracy theory based around the idea that Democrats are demonic child sex-traffickers who are obedient to a nefarious “Deep State” that secretly controls the world. In some versions of the conspiracy theory — which heavily overlaps with anti-vaxxer beliefs — the Deep State has intentionally corrupted our health system to poison and control the populace, either with the pandemic itself, the mRNA vaccines, or both. In QAnon jargon, “NCSWIC” is a battle cry, referring to the inevitable downfall of the Deep State after MAGA Republicans and brave QAnon sleuths finally succeed in exposing and dismantling its evil ways.”


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