QAnon’s Dangerous ‘Leaders’ Exposed

QAnon followers are convinced to do dangerous acts against themselves and against cops after listening to the Texas cult leader and the ‘Qanon Queen.’ John Iadarola and Jackson White break it down on The Damage Report.

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QAnon cult leader predicts JFK will return to Dallas—again—this coming weekend –

“More than 200 days after they first gathered in Dallas last November, QAnon cult leader Michael Brian Protzman has once again ordered his followers to return to Dallas this weekend for the true culmination of his prediction that JFK will return to the site of his 1963 assassination.

Protzman told his followers in a livestream early Wednesday morning he’d figured out that JFK would reappear at Dealey Plaza in Downtown Dallas on Saturday, June 11. He claimed former president Donald Trump had spoken to him in code at his last rally, and based on his analysis of Trump’s words, this Saturday was the actual date that the slain Kennedy family scion would return to Dallas.

“He’s gonna keep it not so obvious,” Protzman said of Trump’s coded messages to him. “He’s not gonna tell too much all at once. You don’t play your trump cards until the end of the match. So of course he’s got it balanced at the moment, or else people will find out too much too fast.””

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