Reichsbürger coup: Conspirators planned armed units for ‘arresting and executing’ people | DW News

Germany’s lower house of parliament, the Bundestag, held closed-door sessions on Monday to debate investigations into a coup plot by extremists linked to the far-right Reichsbürger movement and QAnon conspiracy theorists.
The revelations about the group’s alleged plot to overthrow Germany’s government have sparked widespread outrage, with a former member of parliament among those accused of taking part.
On Monday, three special committee sessions were held in the Bundestag behind closed doors.
The legal affairs committee and the interior affairs committee were holding meetings where Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government and federal prosecutors will deliver “reports and results” from the raids and provide further information about the operations.
In a third session, lawmakers posed questions to the parliamentary control committee, which is responsible for Germany’s domestic and foreign intelligence services.

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