The Deep State Are Nihilists Who Wage War for Profit and Power: Ron Paul

Activist, author, and former representative for Texas’s 22nd congressional district Ron Paul joins the show to give his views on where society and the economy at large is headed. Dr. Paul discusses the deep state, the inflation reduction act, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and much more. Above all, he stresses that the government is not an entity to be trusted and more people need to wake up to this fact.

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00:00 Introduction
01:39 Biden’s Recession Comments
03:18 Has the 2020s Changed Things?
06:40 Change of Leadership
09:21 Inflation Reduction Act
13:11 Government Lip Service
14:48 Fed Policy
17:20 What is the Deep State?
23:00 Fall of the Soviet Union
24:46 America’s International Role
26:41 Is Putin’s Back Against the Wall?
29:22 Risk of Nuclear War
32:50 Deglobalization
35:14 How Can People Protect Themselves?

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