The Psychology of Qanon | Therapist Talks Conspiracy Theories

We’re talking conspiracy theories, cults, and the alt right today! What causes a person to join a cult or believe a conspiracy theory? Why do people believe things that don’t seem to make any sense? And how can we stop the spread of Qanon and alt right ideology? We’re delving into all that and some other stuff today and I’m super excited to get into it!

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The Capitol riot could lead to further radicalization. Here’s how to pull people back from the brink

New PRRI Report Reveals Nearly One in Five Americans and One in Four Republicans Still Believe in QAnon Conspiracy Theories

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0:00 Intro
0:37 Trigger Warning
1:35 How Many People Believe in Qanon?
5:25 Conspiracies Exploit Our Desire for Belonging
7:50 Qanon exploits people’s distrust for authority
9:08 Who are Qanon believers?
10:29 Qanon followers are less college educated
12:12 Qanon followers tend to be Christian
12:47 What does this have to do with therapy?
14:17 The most reliable predictor of becoming a Qanon follower
15:08 Why we want to make sense out of distressing things
19:58 Qanon pipeline entry points
23:29 What can we do?
25:56 Don’t mock people
26:14 Caveats