This family reported their son to national security authorities over QAnon | Four Corners

The far-right political movement known as QAnon has taken off around the world, mobilising a committed band of believers dedicated to fighting what they claim is an ‘online war’ against corrupt, child abusing elites.

In the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has declared QAnon a potential domestic terrorism threat.

The conspiracy theory is also tearing families apart.

The parents and sister of a QAnon follower who has been friends with the Australian Prime Minister have revealed they were so concerned about his beliefs, they notified the national security hotline several times.

In an exclusive interview with Four Corners, the family speak out about their growing fears of the powerful hold this extremist movement now has over him.

Scott Morrison has not responded on the record to questions about whether he and Tim Stewart are still friends.

When asked about Four Corners’ story in a press conference in June 2021, the Prime Minister said it was deeply offensive to suggest that he would support ‘such a dangerous organisation’.

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