“This is absolutely a Do or DIE…” | Edward Snowden Bitcoin Interview

“This is absolutely a Do or DIE…” | Edward Snowden Bitcoin Interview

The renowned computer intelligence expert Edward Snowden presented an hour-long speech as a virtual guest at Camp Decrypt in Napa, California, where he discussed the state of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrencies in general, especially from a privacy standpoint. And in this aspect, according to Snowden, the crypto industry is heading in the wrong direction. Snowden highlighted his worry that once a few centralized players, like Coinbase, capitulate to the regulators, it will be too late. The motto of Bitcoin is “Don’t Trust, Verify,” however from Snowden’s perspective, despite his admiration for Bitcoin, Snowden was critical of Bitcoin and its lack of transaction anonymity. He worries that the broad adoption and onboarding of billions of users into the cryptocurrency space would undermine the original web’s intent and spirit. In the end, the large centralized companies will have KYC and start scanning your face when you want to buy, and the regulators will have their CBDC.

Former computer intelligence consultant Edward Joseph Snowden, an American and naturalized Russian, exposed highly sensitive information from the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013, while working as an employee and subcontractor. His unauthorized disclosures exposed a wide range of international surveillance programs, many of which were carried out by the NSA and the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance with the assistance of telecommunications companies and European governments, and they sparked a cultural debate about personal privacy and national security.


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Edward Snowden Talks Tornado Cash Sanctions, Ethereum Merge, DAOs and NFTs at Camp Decrypt 2022


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