Trump: ‘Deep State swamp creatures are much worse and go deeper than I ever thought’

US President Donald Trump has declared he is defeating the “Deep-Staters” but warns “the swamp and the swamp creatures are much deeper and much worse” than he ever thought, while crowds chanted “drain the swamp”.

President Trump said “Sleepy Joe Biden” handed control of his party to “Socialists, Communists, Marxists and left-wing extremists” who were filled with “hatred, venom and rage”.

“If Biden wins, the flag-burning demonstrators on the street will be running your federal government. Our country will never be a socialist country,” he said.

“They’ll decide which businesses can exist and which will be outlawed, they will decide which rights you can keep and which will be revoked, they will re-educate your children – which they tried and we stopped – but they’ll do it.”

President Trump said Democrats would “order you to stay at home while letting rioters roam free, without masks”.

“You can’t do anything – you can’t go to church, your kids can’t go to school,” he said.

“They will censor you, punish you and persecute you for violating their speech codes and oppressive mandates.

“If you want your kids to grow up in a free nation where they can speak their minds and practice their religion and live by their values, then you must defeat Sleepy Joe Biden and the radical-left.”