What does it take to be a Trustworthy Government?

Do people still trust their government? In the TrustTalk podcast interview with Margaret Levi, professor of Political Science and Director of the Centre for Advanced Study in the Behavioural Sciences at Stanford University she talks about the ways in which citizens and governments interact and how trustworthy organizations and their leadership are in making demands -taxes to pay, to obey the law, to name a few – and promises to its citizens (to protect) and how much confidence do citizen have that they are getting what they feel they should, in a way that they feel heard and respected? Do governments deliver what they promise?

In her book “In the Interest of Others” which she wrote with John Ahlquist, she studied transportation #unions, acting like mini governments, in Australia where members engage in costly actions that are in the interest of distant others, people that they will probably never meet. Why do people do that? She talks about the absence of authoritative voices providing facts and news, and how to combat misinformation spread by politicians QAnon people, and others, convinced about their own beliefs.

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