What’s Behind Trump’s Desperate Embrace Of Q Music At His Rallies

Trump is really leaning into the Qanon thing. His campaign has repeatedly played this Qanon anthem while he delivers his rambling speeches. But why is he doing that? Is he just desperate?

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We have another Donald Trump playing Q music. so they’re doing this folks. Trump is embracing the Q. You gotta wonder if this is just so that he gets protection from prosecution or if it’s just how I’m gonna run his campaign. but here it is. and now he’s in Michigan. it always seems like the same people behind him though doesn’t it? I don’t see the blacks for Trump guys that usually. yeah. That’s the only thing I missed seeing bikers for Trump. man no we should be selling hats. why wouldn’t we sell a knockoff Maga? I just have Mr. yeah with like an MR in the back and just Maga in the front. oh I see or just say majority report Maga. and just sell that. then well all right guys here he is Donald Trump out in Michigan. presumably, you know campaigning for a watcher face who was losing by what 17 points. yeah, Tudor Dixon. yes yeah, Whitmore is just pounding them with abortion rights in Michigan and it is incredibly effective. here’s Donald Trump. thieves are allowed to go into stores and even if not necessary. and there is no retribution. Pause it. There’s nothing like having to split that distinction. I love it when he gets lost on his teleprompter. they kill when it’s necessary or even when it’s not necessary. like wait a second there they’re bank robbing or they’re robbing like is it really necessary to kill well sometimes you get to. trust me. trust me on that.